1913/1914 Photo credit: Dale & Geraldine (Unger) Landis


RONT ROW: 2nd from left, Henry Unger (father of Geraldine), 3rd from left, Robert Unger, 6th from left, Mamie Unger.


May 16, 1998 (Third Site)

There were three different sites for the school (see map).

The first site was near the Bott’s Cemetery.

The second school was built near the narrow entrance to the Briarwood Golf Course. In 1922 this school was blown down in a windstorm which temporarily sent the students to the Wilson school on Carlisle Road.

A third school was built along the same road but further south along the west side near the radio towers. This school was closed in 1937 with the students going to the Consolidated School on the east side of the same road closer to the Lincoln Highway.

The third school was remodeled and used as a private residence but is now abandoned and boarded up (2007).