West Manchester Township Historical Society had its beginnings in the aftermath of the publication of the 200th anniversary book “West Manchester Township 1799-1999 200th Celebration.” Twenty-three persons were sub-committee members for the publications of the book and were the nucleus of the founding members of WMTHS.
    Attending the Organization Meeting on November 22, 1999 were thirteen of those twenty-three members, namely, Barry Arnold, Lisa Groff, Chester Guyer, Jr., Russel Lloyd, Joyce Lloyd, John Markish, Rita Markish, Paul C. McCleary Jr., Melvin Miller, Christine Morgan, John Shaffer, Judy Stare, and Lester Wintermyer.
    Articles of Incorporation for the “West Manchester Township Historical and Preservation Society Inc.” were filed with and approved by the Penna. Dept. of State on December 3, 1999. An amendment filed with and approved by Dept. of State on August 7, 2000, eliminated the words “and Preservation” from the corporate title, and in due course, the West Manchester Township Historical Society, Inc. received its non-profit status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue  Code.
    The purpose of the Society is to preserve historical artifacts and documents; provide consulting services and make recommendations to West Manchester Township goverment authorities regarding preservation of historical objects  and sites; to educate Township residents regarding the history of the Township; establish a depository for historical artifacts; accept gifts, contributions and donations; publish documents; and all other related purposes.