The WILLIAM SHELLEY building on Stanton Street opened in 1908 for grades one through twelve. Then, in 1926, it was replaced by a new WEST YORK JUNIOR/SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL at the corner of Clinton and West Philadelphia Streets. New additions were made to this building and dedicated January 7, 1937.

A new WEST YORK JUNIOR/SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL was built in 1958 at 1800 Bannister Street. The old high school was named the A. H. MARTIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and remained so until it was sold in May, 1993. The building at 1800 Bannister Street became the WEST YORK SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.

WEST YORK JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL was built in the mid-60’s at 1700 Bannister Street. It was razed and replaced with a new school in 2000 housing grades six through eight.


                     William Shelley School C1950                                                      William Shelley School June, 1998

Image53                                              Image54

       A. H. Martin School {Old W. York High) c1950                                                           A. H. Martin 1998

Image55                                                     Image56

Senior High December, 1998                                                                                               Junior High, November, 1998