Shiloh School

2130 School Street


1948/1949 (does anyone know identifications?)

This four room elementary school was built on School St. on the east side of Carlisle Road. Its opening, in September of 1928, provided a larger school for the area students including those from the then closed Neiman’s School. When the school district surveyed its building needs in the early 1950’s, the age and the condition of the Shiloh School prompted the board to use it for temporary classrooms. When the Sunset Lane (now Trimmer) School opened, Shiloh continued to operate. It became a kindergarten center until the early 1970’s. An evening program in engineering techno-logy offered by Penn State York was also housed in this school from 1953 to 1956. In 1977 it was used by the Yorktowne Business Institute and has since been converted to apartments. Former students recall the day they packed their school supplies into large bags and then bused to the Sunset Lane School.