1928, 7th and 8th Grades

TOP ROW-Left to Right: Richard Hassler, Francis Bortner, Parke Bentzel, Clarke Julius, Lester Kleiser, Anna Holtzinger and William Strickhouser. SECOND ROW: E. B. Neuman (teacher), Miriam E. Bentzel, Richard Myers, Grace Meisenhelter, Lester Rentzel, Norene Hamme, Clair Detwiler, George Anderson and Daniel Shaffer. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Hamme, Elwood Bentz, Stuart Leib, Genevieve Stouch, Arthur Grove, Ethel Meisenhelter, Spurgeon Hamme, Milton Hake and Beatrice Stambaugh. FORTH ROW: Bernard Elsesser, Anna Barnes, William Treiber, Mildred Nonemaker, Robert Naylor, Louise Zinn, Floyd Holtzapple, Hanna Sowers and Margie Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Beulah Wintermyer, Josephine Bupp, Raymond Smyser, Charles Hamme, Helen Reiber, Janette Holtzinger and Catherine Peters.

This was the last class to graduate from Pacific Avenue School before it was annexed to the City of York.

The York students went to the 9th grade at Lincoln School in York and the Shiloh students went to the 9th grade at Hannah Penn Junior High in York.

The names listed above are from the combined efforts of Anna Barnes Eppley, Clarke Julius, Kenneth Hamme and Daniel Shaffer from Shiloh and George A. Anderson, Jr. formerly from Atlantic Avenue, York, PA.

It was thought that Weigel’s School was the local name for the four room Township building known as the Pacific Avenue School. It housed grades one through eight and secondary levels too. It was built between 1900 and 1905. At that time school board member Lewis Weigel lived on nearby Pennsylvania Avenue.

Township students called it “Corn Cob College.”

The Township no longer used or owned the school after June, 1928, because the city had annexed the surrounding land. After a time the school’s deterioration created a hazard and it was later razed to make room for city housing.