Church Road



Left to Right : BACK ROW: Charles Kilburn, John Myers, Merle Jacobs, Oscar Malehorn, William Mohler, Junior Bowersox, Francis Warner, Ralph Nogle, Harold Gettys, Lewis Hamme. THIRD ROW: Margaret Mitzel, Kathryn Naylor, Naomi Elsessor, Helena Hake, Anna Shaffer, George Morthland, Lester Wintermyer, Clair Stough, Kenneth Lefever, Paul Trimmer. SECOND ROW: Romaine Kohr, Carolyn Kleiser, Ruth Meisenhelter, Anna Myers, Mildred Holtzapple, Kathryn Treiber, Charlotte Jacobs, Margaret Zinn, Jeanetta Nogle, William Abel, Clarke Bentzel. FRONT ROW: Helen Eberly, Miriam Rae Bentzel, Frances Lochman, Beatrice Kitzmiller, Earl Shaffer, Milton Decker, Richard Lochman, Ralph Bowersox, Richard Zinn


he following was submitted by Mrs. Frederick Miller (Anna Shaffer) May 22, 1998:

The school-house had two rooms, each with a pot-bellied stove in the center and a bucket in the corner for drinking water obtained from Mrs. Miley by the students. It had a large bell on the top of the largest room. The entrance was in the rear. We entered thru the cloakroom which was located to the left. Straight ahead was the door to the oldest students and to the right was the entrance to the younger grades. The teachers maintained the fires and cleaned the building, helped by the children. I think there were three grades to a room. The seventh and eighth grades were sent to York by trolley car at the expense of the township. Two toilet buildings were located outdoors in Shiloh at the school. Strict discipline was maintained.


December, 1997 (now a private residence)