Louck”s One Room

1881 Loucks Road


1927 Charles Rinehart, Teacher

The former Loucks School, since added to, was a white brick residence and is now a doctor’s office. It still stands along Loucks Road; but, unlike in early years, it no longer stands alone. The structure, thought to be built in 1881 as a church schoolhouse, then enjoyed a quiet setting at the end of a large plot. This land was deeded to Henrich Wolf by the heirs of William Penn and was later purchased by the school district. It was closed in the 1930’s and then bought privately at a public sale.

Until recently the surrounding solitude added peace to the cemetery nearby where several members of the Pfaltzgraff family are buried beside veterans of the American Revolution and the war of 1812. However, the school plot is now lost amid an area of commercial growth; the West Manchester Mall, York Newspaper Company and Stroehmann Maiers Bakery are its next door neighbors




February 3, 2007. The front door is now a chimney and the side window is now a door.