Eyster’s One Room School

2075 Taxville Road


FRONT ROW (Left to Right): Doris Hottinger, Janet Glatfelter, Phyllis Gemmill, Janice Eichelberger, Kathryn Winemiller, Anna Strausbaugh, Charles Neiman, Herbert Barnes, Albert Garber, Marvin Marsteller, William Wise, Maurice Eichelberger. 2nd ROW: Russell Whitecomb, Donald Marsteller, Edgar Staub, Elmer Winemiller, Dale Marsteller, Ethel Garber, Anna Eisenhour, Regina Eisenhart, Marie Eisenhour, John Eichelberger. 3rd ROW: Chester L. Snyder (Teacher), Allen Strausbaugh, Dale Whitecomb, Carl Holtzapple, Margaret Wise, Evelyn Golden, Maurice Neiman, Edward Marsteller, Kenneth Winemiller.

The parcel on which the school was built was purchased by the school district from Peter Eisenhart in May, 1856. The building, completed at the end of 1856, provided for grades one through eight. It was put up for auction in 1945, and it has undergone several exterior changes and added to in transforming it to a residence. Former students remembered that at one time it was used for both school and worship. Many also recalled putting a long stick through a bucket handle to help carry water gotten from a neighbor’s pump.